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1. Brief Introduction

It is composed of rib and V-profile wire rolling welded on the special welding machine. The welded tube is cut in longitudinal and annealed under high vacuum temperature. Finally the “welded plate” is roll welded into special filters in opposite direction under mould support.

2.1 Technical Parameter

Applicable code: contour welding stainless steel pipe (SY5182-87)

Specification and size is customized.

Material: 304, 321, 316L,904L, duplex steel 2205, duplex steel 2207, Monel, Ti.etc

2.2 Characteristic

High mechanical strength, withstand higher pressure resistance

Uniform filtration slot, easy for uniform filter cake forming, better for backwashing

Wedge slot to improve backwashing ability

Pressure resistance, temperature resistance, aging resistance, anti-corrosion, suitable for all kind of fluid filtration

As filter element, it is with high mechanical strength, high pressure differential resistance, easy for backwashing.

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