Fire-resistant Oil Recycle Filter

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1. Brief Introduction

The main material is stainless steel housing+ ion exchange resin. Ion exchange resin will be filled in stainless steel housing, and absorb, react with fire-resistant oil, meanwhile, control acid value, electrical conductivity, water content in oil, guarantee EH system running under normal condition. It can be regarded as key part for maintaining turbine operation normally.

2. Technical Parameter

Better acid removal ability, higher than diatomite 700%, higher than active aluminum oxide 250%

Increase electrical resistance for phosphate fire-resistance oil, avoid electrochemistry corrosion

No water taken during dry ion exchange resin process, vacuum dehydration facility is not required.

Ball ion exchange resin, uniform particle, no any leakage occur, no pollution for fire-resistance oil.

We can recover ion exchange filter, no pollution for environment

Reduce oil change cost; oil consumption can reduce 80% at least

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